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SOUND BITES is an Annual 10-Minute Musical Festival, which showcases eight 10-minute musicals, all in one evening. Any 10-minute piece that can be performed, has beginning, middle, and end story arch, and includes music qualifies! Click here for more info.


When''s the deadline to submit and is there a fee to submit?

Deadline is on January 6th, 2020, and there are no fees to submit! Click here for submission guidelines.


Who Chooses the Musicals?

A group of industry 12 professional adjudicators that includes producers, literary managers, directors, professional performers, and writers from previous SOUND BITES guided by our Theatre Now staff members.


When & Where is SOUND BITES?

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 7pm at Merkin Hall At Kaufman Music Center in New York City.


What's the time commitment?  

From the First meeting on January 26 through the last meeting on April 26. Click here for more info.


Do I need to live in the NYC area to participate?

No, however if chosen, as writer, you would need someone to represent you and attend all required meetings if you do not live in the area.


How much does it cost?

As Theatre Now is an artist service organization, and as the Producer of SOUND BITES, we cover the majority of your expenses and costs. We're the only short musical theatre festival that offer artists honorariums and rehearsal reimbursements for each piece. That said, there are some out-of-pocket costs depending on your show's requirements (cast & creative team size, number of rehearsals, size of rehearsal space, etc.) and personal choice. Most of these costs relate to specific set-dressing, props and costumes for your show and additional personnel such as musicians.

Submissions require a letter of recommendation. What should that include?

Your letter should be written by a theatre professional who can talk about the piece itself or you as  a theatre artist.


Ready to submit your show?

Submissions are closed for SOUND BITES 7.0. They will open again for SOUND BITES 8.0 (2021) in Sept. 2020.


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