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Technical Specifications​

The Seventh Annual Festival

of 10-Minute Musicals

April 22, 2020 at 7:00pm

Merkin Hall

at Kaufman Music Center

Each musical is to be staged & performed off-book. “Production elements” should be kept at a minimum, as the songs and material should be the focus. 


Set and Props

Below is a list of items that either Theatre Now New York or Merkin Hall will be able to provide. If you need additional items, that’s up to your team, but please keep these items to a minimum. The producers reserve the right to cut an item if they feel it either isn’t necessary and/or prolongs a transition. 


  • Boxes: TNNY will provide six black boxes (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large). 18", 21", & 24" square inches. 


  • Chairs: Up to eight (8) black cushioned chairs.


  • Stools: Up to Four (4) plain wooden stools at regular stool height, and 1 shorter stool at chair height. 


  • Tables: 

    • One (1) grey folding table, 2' x 4'.

    • Three (3) black triangular laptop tables of adjustable height (max 30"). 

    • One (1) end table. 



The general washes (red, blue, and general white) will have the capability to be isolated in areas. There are also FOUR Specials to use on the stage.



Each writing team is responsible for coordinating their costumes. They may delegate this to their actors or members of their creative team. 


Sound Cues

Writers/Directors are responsible for providing their own sound cues.